About this project Hi, my name is Erik aka CodingKiwi.

The main reasons for this project is less struggle for devs - I know there are established ssh clients (namely Putty) out there or you can simply use the ssh command in the standard terminal, but most of them don't have multiple tabs, a particularly pretty UI or they are not free.
I think developers should have nice tools and that is what graSSHopper is all about.
Nevertheless, this is still my hobby project so its not even near to being finished or perfect. I do this because it brings me joy and I'm even more happy when people like what I created.
Open-Source? Tough one, I'm very weird about this. The big concern about going open-source, of course, is a loss of intellectual property (IP), giving my project away to everybody on the internet. I know, being part of the open-source community is not about stealing or eroding the value of IP, its about collaboration and that many hands make light work.
I created this project because it brings me joy and I'm even more happy when people like what I created. As mean as it sounds: The thought of someone just copying the code and launching off to create something based on my hard work is frightening.
I'm aware of the fact that you now basically have to blindly trust in the way I programmed the app.
I'm also aware of the fact that anyone with enough time can decompile electron apps (some of you already did) and I won't invest any time to prevent that (it would most likely make the app slower). But I will invest time in fixing bugs, adding new features and answering to your suggestions.
So for now, I won't open source. Maybe in the future. At the latest when I feel like I don't have enough time to care about the project.
Is it free? Yes, graSSHopper will remain free forever.
What happens to my data?

In the client

Your credentials are only send to the servers you connect to, they are not stored anywhere or send anywhere across the internet. There is no tracking.

In the vault

If you use the vault service, your credentials are encrypted and decrypted on your computer, I or any attacker can't use any of the data send to or stored on my server. There are additional security measures your vault can only accessed by you using your username, password and vault-password in combination.
Access to your vault will be logged and associated to the device making a request, these logs are for you, not for me.

On this website

Data related to your account: your suggestions / reported issues / watched issues. You can delete your account at any time.

Is there any telemetry?

When the client application is started, a request to the webserver is made to check for authentication (In case you are using an optional graSSHopper account). Platform (linux/windows), OS, locale (language) and graSSHopper version is contained in this request and saved.

This data is saved anonymously without any IP or connection that could be traced back to you and without any timestamps or other metadata, so basically I cant do anything bad with it or sell it even if I wanted to.

This data can only be used and is only used by me to check what the most used platform, locale and version is.

Will there be a macOS release? Currently not on the roadmap. Main reason that new mac / macOS will only run signed apps and I won't give apple any money.